New Pink Baby Shower Invitations

We’re pleased to announce the addition of two new categories for you to get the most from your invitation dollar, while getting exactly what you wanted for your baby shower invitations. There are already number of pages for you to browse, with the most popular being the pink baby shower invitations.

Pink Invitations

You may be asking why we have decided to focus on pink baby shower invitations. And while it my seem logical, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to choose pink invitations for your shower.

An invite is more than a card, it sets the tone and focus for the baby shower long before your guests arrive. By choosing the fitting invitation for the celebration your can shape the experience, hosting the shower you intended to, and at the same time giving your guests a clue on what to expect.

Today there are a lot of different styles and options that we didn’t have before. One of these trends is to distance the celebration from the traditional gendered celebration that showers have always been.

Though this may appeal to some couples. A gendered baby shower, in our case a pink one, still has its place in our society.

That is why we’re working hard to add new designs and options to our catalog of invitations.

And we’ve been busy!

New Categories

So what are the new categories?

First we have added a set of hot pink baby shower invitations for you to choose from. These vibrant pink options are great if you want something a little bit more lively than many of the soft pink options you’ll find on many of the other pages.

Next up, we have a fun options that doesn’t mind if you monkey around!

These pink monkey baby shower invitations give you plenty of fun excuses to have a blast at the baby shower.

Unlike the countless invitation choices for a bridal shower, there aren’t that many fun baby shower invitations to choose from. Or to rephrase that a little, baby showers are generally overlooked when it comes to the decoration and invitation options available.

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Are Pink Invitations for Girls Only?

Oh, heavens no! We have plenty of options that fit baby showers for both girls and boys.

Fun Fact

The color pink was originally a masculine color, throughout the ages the color shifted and became almost exclusively associated with the birth of a girl.

Today many people are feeling less bound to the gender constraints that the color elicits and are using it to celebrate both the birth of their daughters as well as sons.

There are plenty of options for both girls and boys, and not to forget twins. So if you want a fun color that is suitable for both boys and girls make it a pink baby shower.

If you would like to find some incredible options for boys, the pink elephant baby shower invitations are a wonderful place to start.

There are thousands of adorably unique options for you to choose from.

More Than Invitations

Would you like the more than high-quality invitations for your baby shower?

One of the most common requests that we receive is for more options. And we’re pleased to comply.

While we offer one of the largest selections of custom pink invitations for baby showers we have also added options to further complete the set. This includes RSVP and thank you cards, plus a popular collection of games and advice cards for the expecting parents.

If you’ve been looking for the right invitations we’ve got you covered. And now we offer so much more for your perfect baby shower.

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